Monday, July 2, 2012

Yoga Session #04

Instructor: Nancy Siy
Schedule: Monday, 07/02/12, 07:00AM-09:00AM
Hours of Sleep before session:  7 (love rest days!)

First encounter with Jivamukti. I hate it when people use the word "interesting" to describe something or someone... I take it as laziness. But I'm going to use the word today to describe my first Jivamukti experience because it is truly... interesting!

Jivamukti promotes a lifestyle of advocacies and principles. I am not ready to go vegan but in this day and age where everything has succumbed to the "instant" concept, I admired the integration of advocacy and principle in something "physical." I know too little to speak about Jivamukti so I'll just focus on the session before I make any lousy attempt at interpretation.

I loved how the teacher integrated reflection points all throughout the session. She spoke briefly about Jivamukti's topic of the month - yoga and sexuality. She talked about how sex sells everything these days, and how we are encouraged to "compartmentalize" for the sake of convenience. For example, a one night stand is for the body. It's just a physical need. I like the way she explored the topic by asking the question... isn't it ironic how we pursue physical "connection" and at the same time attempt to be "disconnected" in the emotional and spiritual plane?

Teacher Nancy also kept reminding us that in doing the asana's, discomfort is part of the process. And that it's normal because "we have to be uncomfortable when we grow." She reminded the class to just appreciate a pose for what it is, whether we are able to do it or not.

I loved all the insights while I desperately tried to bend and squeeze. At one point, she connected the difficulty in finding balance in one asana (forgot which one) with the difficulty that we all experience in trying to juggle all our acts, roles and responsibilities in life. Amen, teacher! Amen!

Teacher Nancy was very caring and supportive. I'm the newbie in class and she spent a lot of time coaching and supporting my body. At the start of the class, she applied "Chinese Oil" at the back of our neck. She did a little massage during the post-session meditation. Felt gooooood!!! I bet she can heal too!

I loved the session but I was not very happy with my performance in class today. I did not find the "zone" because of one hundred things in mind... However, I'm happy to share that I'm no longer bothered by the fact that I'm weak. Nagsisimula pa lang naman ako diba? :)

But here's a recent obsession. I want to be able to do this. Currently, I'm only able to lift from my hips... can't raise my torso. I'll work on it!

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  1. Hi! I plan to join her class on Sunday... And I wanna be able to do that too!