Friday, May 3, 2013

And... I'm back!

Meron pala ko nito. Haha! I only remembered after I almost made a new blog to document my.... dandadadaaaaannnn: headstand with wall support!

Yes, I did it. I did it! I did it! I did it!

Sarap. But let's see if I'll ever get lucky again... Baka fluke. Oh, delicious fluke.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekly Update - July16

Three consecutive days of self-led yoga practice: Monday-Wednesday (July16-July18)
SBD Phase 2 compliant from Monday to Thursday... Friday cheat was due to tempting Savory! And today, I was defeated by ice cream.

In conclusion, back to Phase2 (Week1) next week. And I should be more consistent with daily practice.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Big day today!

Because of office and domestic appointments, I decided I won't go to the studio to practice this week. I just practiced in our living room, using this video as guide.

Today's my fifth session to use the video and the routine's no longer giving me the yoga high I need. So I improvised. This is the agenda:

  1. Sun Salutation
  2. 55-minute video
  3. Practice time for dream asanas
There are three asanas that I'm longing to be able to execute:
  1. The Wheel
  2. The Shoulder Stand
  3. The Head Stand
The Wheel is way too difficult for me. I didn't make much progress today. However, I'm very happy to share that I was finally able to do the unsupported shoulder stand! My pose was unstable (wobbly like a broken furniture) at the start but after a few adjustments to my alignment, I was able to hold the pose for 10 counts. I nearly cried.

The happy hormones pushed me to be a little braver. I never COMPLETELY tried to do a headstand since my first yoga session last month. I must admit that I'm scared. I'm scared of breaking any part of my body, any muscle tear, sprain, cramps, etc., because I'm worried that any injury will slow me down at work and at home (with domestic responsibilities). I let go of this fear today. 

And so this is how it's properly done. I got it right from figure1 to figure4. 

image is from here

I was so thrilled... I lost control of my legs. Hence, this beautiful accident happened. I bet the neighbors knew what happened. Ang lakas ng kalabog sa sahig. Failed attempt, but my heart's still happy.

Like I said in FB... 

"Finally. After 9 instructor-led and 5 self-led sessions... shoulder stand without wall support. Oh yes!!! But then things got wild and I tried an unsupported headstand. One big blaggggag when the attempt turned into the lousiest life threatening full backward roll of the decade. I am the happiest klutz in the universe today!"

Monday, July 16, 2012

SBD Phase 2 starts today!

"Cheating maketh a full man/woman."

I ended Phase 1 with some legitimate, oh so yummy, cheating. Successful SBD grads recommend it. Last Saturday and Sunday, I had delightful servings of:

Amber's Pancit Malabon
1 pc of pitsi-pitsi
Ice cream (marami!)
B1's to-die-for brownies
Hard core coca cola!
1/4 cup of white rice

I'm ready for Phase 2! It's going to be easier (I hope) because fruits, wheat bread and brown rice are now allowed. Yum! I'm also emotionally prepared to regain the expected 4-6 pounds.

I may not be able to go to yoga classes this week. But that's ok. I'm still going to practice at home.